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"Rediscover your surroundings through jewelry"

French inspiration


The name Siragêr comes from playing around with the letters of the French name la grâce suédoise which means Swedish Grace. The art period Swedish Grace was a Swedish variant of Art Deco. 


The Siragêr woman – to be graceful artsy

Siragêr is a woman who sees the world in a more creative way. To discover new things, she attends art exhibitions or visits libraries. She also tries to learn something new every day. She has a curious mind and seeks knowledge, but she also loves to dress up and wear jewelry so she can feel graceful. She loves the mix of being artsy and graceful in a place where she can feel home. She lives in Stockholm but loves the French way of living. To be a Siragêr woman means that you know how to be graceful in an artsy way.


Daily notes

The story about the woman Siragêr will be told through a diary where you will be able to see notes and different sources of inspiration. Siragêr sketches down her surroundings and by reading Siragêr’s diary you will enter a new world of creativity. In her diary you will see geometric forms and ornamentations. What does she want to tell? She wants people to see more beauty in the world and rediscover their surroundings. Siragêr's sketches will turn into jewelry worn by today's women. By wearing the jewelry inspired by the woman Siragêr, women will explore their inner beauty. One piece of jewelry at a time.

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